A 'Home Away from Home'

Maria Montessori believed strongly that there should be consistency between a child’s home and school life. In following Dr. Montessori's philosophy, CVMS has been created as a “home away from home” for both children and families.

CVMS faculty and staff offer a multitude of opportunities for the blending of home and school life. For instance, parents are encouraged to co-work from the CVMS conference room, which offers free WiFi. This is an opportunity to share the same space with your child for a day and to meet other CVMS parents. Families are also encouraged to enjoy downtown Cedar Rapids’ various dining venues with their child for lunch, to experience the robust arts and cultural opportunities within walking distance of CVMS, or explore the renovated River Walk and Greene Square Park areas.

Annual Family Activities

CVMS also offers more structured family activities and events throughout the year, including:

Fall & Spring Picnics
Held twice a year, the picnics provide an opportunity for families to socialize with one another in relaxed settings.

Back to School Night
This annual event greets returning students and welcomes new families to CVMS. Back to School Night is a perfect opportunity for the student to re-introduce parents to his or her classroom and teachers, and for new students to become orientated to their new classroom.

Mom’s Night Out & Dad’s Night Out
These unique events are held separately during the school year, allowing the student to interact one-on-one with each parent or guardian, as they tour the child’s classroom and view samples of the child’s work.

Grandparent’s Day
Grandparents are a large part of the CVMS community, through volunteering and family support systems. Held during the morning hours, this event encourages children to invite their grandparents to CVMS to show them their classrooms, work and to meet their teachers.

Portfolio Presentation
Held in the spring each year, Portfolio Presentations are a chance for students to present their work from the school year to family members.

Volunteer opportunities
There are countless ways to volunteer at CVMS and we encourage parents, grandparents and other family members to participate.