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Abby Kokontis-Griffith

Lead Directress | Redwood Room

Favorite Montessori material: Object to Picture Matching

Abby Kokontis-Griffith joined CVMS in 2014. She currently serves as Lead Directress in the Redwood Room. She previously served as Lead Directress in the Sapling Room. Abby holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from Coe College. She also teaches piano lessons at CVMS through Studio Programs. The aspect she most enjoys about CVMS is the opportunity to “get to know each student individually and to be able to work with them one-on-one.” Abby likes to craft and spend time with family, including her husband and three children.

Ms. Abby's favorite Montessori material, Object to Pitcure Matching, is "a great opportunity to introduce new vocabulary and helps the child think in a more abstract way." "I love to see the child’s curiosity while working with the objects and I get excited about the healthy conversations that are started."